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Gift baskets are one of the few things that will be appropriate for any occasion. Gift basket ideas range from the common Christmas gifts baskets to the wine gift basket ideal for corporate occasions. To come up with  unique gift baskets ideas, you’ll have to find the most appropriate items to include in your basket. This will depend largely on the occasion and the recipient. Here are some basic gift basket ideas to fit any event.

Holiday Gift Baskets

The holiday season is the time to show the spirit of giving. Christmas gift baskets and Easter gift baskets can be homemade to give that personal touch that  family and friends will love. Here are some  general ideas for Christmas gift baskets and Easter gift baskets.

  • Bottle of wine and cheese
  • Homemade candies and cookies decorated to fit the season
  • Jams and other preserved food• A variety of chocolate
  • A gift certificate
  • A variety of nuts
  • Holiday ornaments
  • Gourmet cheese gift basket

    When putting together kids gift baskets, make sure that you keep the basket fun and exciting. Games, toys, snacks, books and the like would be appropriate for the season.

Get well gift basket

Preparing the best gift baskets for someone ill requires a lot of forethought.  You can either put together healthy food gift baskets  or go  for a fruit gift basket. The key here is to put together a gift basket that will cheer the patient up. Kids gift baskets would need to be a little playful so include stuff that could keep them busy while they recover. You may use the following get well gift basket ideas.

  • A variation of fruits
  • Healthy nuts
  • A good book or two
  • Gadgets
  • Beauty products
  • A get well card
  • Flowers
  • A gift certificate to a spa or massage parlor
  • A healthy cookie gift basket

Birthday gift baskets

Birthday gift baskets must be as personalized as possible. After all, this is the recipient’s special day and the deserve the best gift basket you can put together. The first step here is to really get to know what they like and need. Here are some ideas for women, men, seniors  and even kids.

For women or men:

  • A beauty gift basket (lotions, perfumes, facial soaps etc)
  • A musical gift basket (CD’s, players, songbooks etc)
  • A wellness basket (massage or spa gift certificates)
  • Gadgets
  • Accessories (watches, necklaces, etc)

For Kids:

  • Toys• Games (puzzles, cards etc)
  • Cartoon printed shirts
  • Gadgets
  • Books
  • A snack food gift basket

When it comes to getting together a gift basket for 50th birthday, flowers, paintings, vacation trips, and eye glasses may be more appropriate.

Valentine’s day gift baskets

Show your love for him on valentine’s day by getting all the stuff he likes in a single basket.
Here are some ideas for valentine’s day gift baskets for men.

  • • His favorite beer
  • A variety of nuts
  • A Chocolate gift basket
  • A breakfast gift basket
  • Books (if he loves reading)
  • Magazines on his hobby
  • Gadgets

For women, you can go with the same kind of items but just vary on the packaging. Men would not appreciate bright colored wrappings but women love them. Why stick to the traditional wrapping styles? Gift basket ideas allow you to keep the personal factor intact while making sure the recipient gets a variety of items. The slack jawed, wide eyed look of appreciation when the gift is received will be worth all the effort.

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