Baby Gift Basket

How To Make an Exciting Baby gift basket

There is no better way to welcome that bundle of joy than to create an exciting baby gift basket. Being creative in your ideas will bring joy to mother, family and off course baby! How can you put together that perfect personalized gift basket?

A lot will depend on the recipient both the mother and baby. For a Newborn baby a gift basket will be the ideal present for the new mother if you are throwing a baby shower. To keep that personal touch, you can include items such as:• Embroidered t-shirts, bibs, blankets
• Cartoon themed baskets
• Matching stuff toys for twinsRemember to double check the spelling of the baby before you place any order for these baskets. Also keep in mind the mother’s preference.

If you know she has the new baby’s room in a cartoon theme, then why not get something to fit that?

For a  Baby Boy

When getting a baby gift basket for a baby boy, color is one of the important things to take note of. Pink is usually related to baby girls so make sure you go for something blue, green or brown. Here are some items that you can get for your basket:

• A wagon with blue bibs, stuff toys, pillows etc
• A tub with toiletries such as soaps, shampoo
• A cartoon themed baby basket

For Baby Girls Pink! Pink! Pink! is what you should be looking for baby girls. You could also stray from the traditional and get something in another but just make sure that it’s bright and girly. The contents of the basket can range from something cuddly to something for mum like a baby diary or photo album.