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Gourmet Gift Baskets

Easy Gourmet Gift Basket Ideas.

A gourmet gift basket is just perfect for any special occasion or as a get-well gift basket. You can select the theme based gift basket on the occasion (or non-occasion) and the receiver. The combinations are endless.

1. Look for a good, sturdy, but, presentable container. Wicker baskets are the traditional selections especially for food baskets, but, you can also select metal buckets, big bowls, decorative wooden boxes, pottery, or even ice buckets.

2. Fun themes for the gourmet gift basket will depend on the recipient’s hobbies, interests, likes, occupation, etc. Since it’s a gourmet gift basket, why not try ideas like exotic food baskets, chocolate inspiration or “craving killer” chocolate baskets, “around the world” coffee baskets, “North Pole” wine baskets, or holiday cheer cookie baskets.

3. A food gourmet gift basket can be a combination of several food items or kitchen accessories. Make sure the food is all non-perishable.

  • Olive oils
  • Flavored fruit vinegars
  • Condiments or sauces
  • Cheese
  • Pepper sausages
  • Mustard
  • Pastas
  • Chocolate dipped pretzels or chocolate bars
  • Leaf teas
  • Crackers
  • Rare cookbook
  • Small melting or biscotti pans
  • Nuts
  • Towels or mitts
  • Trivets
  • Cloth placemats or napkins
  • Napkin holders or coasters

4. Chocolate baskets are easy to put together if you know what types of chocolate to assemble for the recipient. If you don’t then you can put together chocolates from different countries, the typical “craving killer” type of gift basket

5. Coffee baskets are also easy to assemble. You can put together an “around the world” coffee gift basket with coffee from 12 different countries or a coffee basket with 7 or 8 different brands or regions and throw in a mug or two.

6. There are so much varieties to make a cookie gift basket. You can either assemble a full cookie basket of different varieties from different countries or throw in a wine bottle with the cookies. If you can, find out what particular cookies and wine the recipient likes.


Valentines Day Gift Baskets

Valentine’s Day Gift Baskets for Him, For Men, For Kids

“The Christmas holidays are finally over and… what’s that…? Valentine’s is coming? Oh, my, what do I give to my hubby?” Sounds familiar? After racking your brains for that perfect Christmas gift, now here comes Valentine’s. Now, why not do something really different and give homemade Valentine’s Day gift baskets. It is a simple but, very loving way to show the recipient just how much you value your relationship with them.

Valentine’s Day Gift Baskets for Him and for Men
Find a theme that really defines your man or any male recipient. Once you find a central theme, the combinations to whatever you want for him are infinite. Is he fond of fishing? Use a wicker fishing creel as a gift basket. Throw in 3 bottles or a six-pack of his favorite beer or a nice red wine, some nuts and crackers as complements, some chocolates, cookies and your Valentine’s card, and you’re in business! Put a big bow and ribbon outside to highlight the gift.
For men, breakfast is their usual favorite meal. Put together a gift basket for breakfast in bed. Find a really nice tin container or bucket he can use afterwards at his work desk and find combinations to fill it like his favorite instant coffee, a personalized mug printed with a photo of you both, oats, chocolates, etc.
Contrary to popular belief, most men are romantic so don’t be afraid to show your romantic side and remember that it’s Valentine’s so the chocolates must be there. However, don’t use brightly colored baskets or containers for him or he might not reuse it.

Valentine’s Day Gift Baskets for Kids
Aside from the adults, Valentine’s is for kids, too. Teach Valentine’s early to your kids by giving them Valentine’s Day gift baskets filled with their favorite teddy bear, stuffed animal, heart-shaped chocolates, and their favorite candies. If your kids are into sports, throw in a sport accessory or two or their favorite sport energy drink.


Gift Baskets for Men

Ideas For a Unique Gift Basket for Men

If you think it’s silly to give a gift basket to men, think again. Corporate gift baskets are always given to executives or clients that contain anything from beer, gourmet food and chocolate. Gift basket for men can be given on any occasion such as for Valentine, birthday, and as get well baskets.

Gift basket for men ideas start by knowing what the occasion is and who the recipient is. Once you know all the basic information, it’s not hard to find a basket or container. Gift basket for men don’t have to be overly fancy so brightly colored themes can be dispensed with. One useful thing to consider is that some men appreciate a basket or container that they can use again after.

For great basket ideas, here’s a great one for Valentine, a birthday or even a get well basket. Try to find out about the recipient’s favorite music, film genre or films, book authors and the like. Now, put together these ideas for the basket:

  • A book or two (or something he likes to read like a certain magazine)
  • Personalized coffee mug (much better if it’s printed with his picture or a photo of you both)
  • His favorite coffee beans or instant coffee
  • CD of his favorite music
  • Bottle of his favorite wine or whiskey
  • DVD of his favorite movie or movie genre
  • Tickets to his favorite song artist or rock band

Original ideas that have come out for gift basket for men includes the unique beer bucket gift basket for men. This another great gift for Valentine or a birthday. Combinations can be a single brand of 6 beers in a metal bucket. Another of the ideas is a nutcracker gift basket for men that may contain 6 beers and assorted nuts and peanuts that complement the beer. Or you can assemble the “around the world” beer bucket. Buy 12 beers from different countries and put them together in a bucket. Throw in a packet or two of oriental nuts or peanuts to complement the beer.


Christmas Gift Baskets

Celebrate The Holiday Season With Christmas Gift Baskets

There are endless possibilities when it comes to Christmas gift baskets. The imagination holds no bounds in thinking up ideas for holiday gift baskets. Just thinking up of ideas for Christmas gift baskets themes or homemade assemblies is already half the fun. The beauty of Christmas gift baskets is that they can be personalized for a specific person’s likes, hobby, occupation, or simply their personality. It’s something entirely different from traditional-wrapped gifts and the receiver will fully appreciate the personal touch it brings.

Traditional Homemade Gift Basket
Homemade Christmas gift baskets can still be traditional if you’re giving them to a family or if you just want to stick to the basics. Some ideas for this homemade basket idea can be:

  • Homemade candies or cookies in decorated bags or containers
  • Crackers or biscuits
  • Bottle of table or red wine or cider
  • Holiday ornament or two
  • Cheese or sandwich spreads
  • Commercial or homemade chutney
  • Jams or fruit butters
  • A few gift certificate cards the receiver can use
  • A few candy canes for decorative purposes

Corporate Christmas Baskets
Homemade corporate baskets can either be given to executives / officemates or to corporate clients (you’re better off giving your boss a personal homemade basket). The combinations and ideas you can come up with are endless from classic “sweets” basket, picnic beer-BQ bucket, snack basket, “Italian” basket, red or white wine basket, “purely chocolate” basket, or premium champagne and truffles basket. Note: when giving a “country” basket (Italian, Russian, etc.) make sure the receiver really comes from that country. Also, when giving liquor baskets, make sure the receiver drinks liquor.

Food Christmas Baskets
This is the perfect homemade basket for food lovers and connoisseurs. Ideas for holiday gift baskets like these are infinite. Some ideas can be:

  • A rare exotic or South Asian cookbook or specialty cookbook
  • Combination of mini-muffin pans or melting pans, tart tools and assorted spatulas
  • Cocoa or other exotic nuts
  • Homemade mitts and towels (or have customized ones made)
  • Decorated trivets
  • Rolled placemats or napkins
  • Napkin holders
  • Gourmet candy apples
  • Chocolate mix in customized mugs
  • Candy coated pretzels

Chocolate Gift Baskets

Chocolate gift baskets for all occasions

Everybody loves Chocolate! Chocolate is a perfect gift for all occasions because of its different varieties. There is no end to the combinations of the various kinds of chocolate that you can come up with to complete that chocolate gift basket.

We have different varieties of chocolates:

• unsweetened chocolate
• dark chocolate
• bittersweet chocolate
• semi sweet chocolate
• sweet dark chocolate
• milk chocolate
• white chocolate
• candy coating chocolate

These varieties of chocolates makes your occasion a memorable one.

• Gourmet of chocolates is a mixture of different chocolates with different forms like cookies, brownies, and truffles. These are perfect for couple, group dates and honeymoon and anniversary dates. Nothing compares to sharing the sweetness of chocolate with the one you love. To keep the chocolate gift basket personalized, make it a point to include the favorite chocolates of the couple to include in the gourmet.

• Wine and Chocolate has a good combination of after taste. They are a good thing to take along to  family gatherings or outings. But the tricky part you have to choose the sweet wine that will  complement the sweetness or bitterness of the chocolate. The warmness of the wine and sweetness of the chocolate tingle your senses.

• Candy coated with chocolate can be good chocolate gift baskets for  kids birthday parties or pajama party. They will enjoy the sweetness of the candy and the chocolate. The playful combination of the candy and the chocolate will maintain the warmth and enjoyment of the crowd. Kids will love this double treat.

• Dark chocolate would be ideal for chocolate gift baskets intended for weddings and anniversaries..  Dark chocolate  has good health benefits like lowering  blood pressure and also has antioxidants to cure other ailments. If you plan to include dark chocolate in your gift basket for the couple, make sure that they are accustomed to the taste as not everybody likes the bitter sweet combination of dark chocolate.

• Fruit with chocolate is perfect for all occasions and is a healthy desert for everyone. You can choose your favorite fruit like strawberry or cherry and dip it on the chocolate fountain. There are also other alternative you can use wafer biscuits, cookies and marshmallows. Make sure that the kids would enjoy and love the idea of dipping the food on the chocolate fountain. To make a fruit and chocolate gift basket,  be creative in the variety of fruits you include.


Easter Gift Baskets

Easy To Make Easter Gift Baskets

As Easter is just around the corner, you may be wondering what to give as Easter gifts. Have you ever considered homemade ideas for Easter gift baskets? Have a go at it, then. It’s fun to put together and comes with a personalized touch from you. Easter gift baskets not only make great gift ideas for kids but, for the adults as well.

Ideas for Easter Gift Baskets
Find a basket or container with a specific theme. Many customized Easter baskets have a theme like sports Easter baskets and Sesame Street buckets for the kids. Then there are felt bunny bags or velcro ears baskets for the adults. Try to use baskets or containers that everyone can use after Easter.

Ideas for the Kids Gift Baskets
Homemade goodies or the kid’s favorite chocolates or candies should round off their Easter gift baskets. Try putting the chocolate eggs and bunnies in separate colorful mini-gift bags to add excitement to the basket. Throw in an item or two that is not related to Easter. If your kids are into sports, maybe a new baseball glove and ball or hockey pucks or whatever they like. For the girly stuff, maybe include glitter, perfume or a doll set.

Ideas for the Adults
For the adults, who are easier to please and harder to surprise, your basket should instead reflect the recipient’s likes or occupation. If you’re giving Easter gift baskets to your loved one, you are scoring big points with the “surprise.” Find out what their favorite candy or chocolate is. If they don’t like sweets, put in their favorite coffee or tea. Or combine several packs of chocolates, chocolate drinks and coffee to make a truly adult Easter basket. You can put the items in separate colorful mini-gift boxes or wrappers. For your loved one, try heart-shaped mini-wraps.

Another idea is to have a medium or large bunny basket with an adorable funny bunny stuffed toy and a few packs of egg chocolates and coffee.

Your personal touch is what adds flavor to the Easter gift baskets, not only for your kids, spouse or lover but, even for your parents, siblings and grandparents.


Kids Gift Baskets

Kids love getting presents. If you’re wondering what to get them for Easter, their Birthday or Valentine’s, kids gift baskets are the answer. There is a wide variety of fun stuff that you can put together to come up with something they’ll eagerly dig into and enjoy.
A game kids gift basket
This basket would be composed of different kinds of games along with their favorite snacks to go with them. Here are some gift basket ideas that you can consider:


  • A deck of cards
  • Checkers
  • Chess
  • Memory games
  • Puzzles
  • Snacks:

    • M & M’s
    • Mini cup cakes
    • Popcorn
    • Peanuts
    • Crackers

    You can always come up with your own ideas keeping in mind the ages and sex of the kids. This will an ideal birthday present.
    An artist kids gift basket

    These will be a great idea for kids who love to paint or draw. They can also be a good get well kids gift basket since it will give them something fun to do while they recover from their illness. Here are some ideas as to what to put in your


    • Coloring books
    • Crayons
    • Paint
    • Activity books

    Remember to also include some fun snacks for them such as jelly beans, candies and cookies.

    Cartoon theme gift baskets
    If you know the favorite cartoon of the kid you want to give the basket to, this will make a huge difference and is perfect for a birthday gift. Kids just love getting toys, notebooks or anything that has that favorite character on it. Some of the common cartoons:

    • Spiderman
    • Dora the Explorer
    • Cars
    • Spongebob
    • Disney princess
    • Toy story
    • Winnie the pooh

    When getting together a kids gift basket for Easter, birthdays or whatever other occasion, the key is to keep it FUN and colorful.

Baby Gift Basket

How To Make an Exciting Baby gift basket

There is no better way to welcome that bundle of joy than to create an exciting baby gift basket. Being creative in your ideas will bring joy to mother, family and off course baby! How can you put together that perfect personalized gift basket?

A lot will depend on the recipient both the mother and baby. For a Newborn baby a gift basket will be the ideal present for the new mother if you are throwing a baby shower. To keep that personal touch, you can include items such as:• Embroidered t-shirts, bibs, blankets
• Cartoon themed baskets
• Matching stuff toys for twinsRemember to double check the spelling of the baby before you place any order for these baskets. Also keep in mind the mother’s preference.

If you know she has the new baby’s room in a cartoon theme, then why not get something to fit that?

For a  Baby Boy

When getting a baby gift basket for a baby boy, color is one of the important things to take note of. Pink is usually related to baby girls so make sure you go for something blue, green or brown. Here are some items that you can get for your basket:

• A wagon with blue bibs, stuff toys, pillows etc
• A tub with toiletries such as soaps, shampoo
• A cartoon themed baby basket

For Baby Girls Pink! Pink! Pink! is what you should be looking for baby girls. You could also stray from the traditional and get something in another but just make sure that it’s bright and girly. The contents of the basket can range from something cuddly to something for mum like a baby diary or photo album.