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Birthday Gift Baskets

Preparing Birthday Gift Baskets

Are you an admirer who plans to give a birthday basket gift for your girl? Or, just a gift for close friends and relatives? Whatever it is, planning is very important to make sure  you get something that the person deserves to have. If you want to surprise them, therefore, make an  effort to create different ideas and options that the person would love to see inside your birthday basket gift. What if the gift you bought didn’t really make sense or it didn’t excite them? Or maybe they weren’t excited when they opened your basket?  These  problems may really arise  if you don’t know what are the nice things or food to buy before giving your gift for the person you love. Let your delivery basket gift for the celebrant look fabulous and gain appreciation  .To avoid embarrassment, you need to make sure it is really personalized for them. Here are helpful tips for you.


  • Relaxing shirts
  • Flat Sandals
  • |Shoes
  • Pants
  • Wallet
  • Stuff Toys
  • Accessories (Watch, necklace, bracelet, earrings)
  • Skin Care (Spa, Beauty Products)
  • Birthday treats in a bag
  • Movie Marathon
  • Musical Gift Basket
  • Video Games
  • Gadgets


  • Stuff Toys
  • Disney Films
  • Cute Cartoon Character Printed Shirts
  • Sweet Desserts
  • Story Book , School and Office World Toys
  • Kids Jewelries


  • Car Perfumes
  • Shades
  • Shoes
  • Pants, Parties
  • Personalize Glass
  • Cakes


  • Flowers
  • Picture Painting
  • Vacation Trip
  • Family Party
  • Body Spa
  • Comfortable Flat Shoes
  • Eye glasses

Themed Gift Basket

Top 5 Get Well Gift Basket Ideas

Getting sick is not a fun experience-we all know that. The most  that friends and family can do is just cheer you up. Get well gift basket ideas are the perfect way to show that you care and want them to get well soon.  The thing about giving someone ill a gift basket is you could easily go wrong and end up giving them a basket of ‘suffering’.

Here are 5 tips to keep your gift basket a gift.

1. Fruits and other healthy food. These are among the safest things to include in your get well gift basket   and will be much appreciated. You also won’t be worried about giving them something that the doctor has prohibited.

2. Book gift basket. Being sick in bed gives a lot of time for reading so if you have someone who is an avid reader, getting them a book basket is a great idea. You can select a blank book, journal, gift certificate to their favorite store. For your containers, mugs, baskets or wooden crates would do. This is a good idea for men, for kids and basically anyone who loves to read.

3. Computer lover basket. Gadgets are another thing that will help keep the patient company while they recover. These are one of the best get well gift basket ideas for men. Some things that you can get include a mouse pad, blank CD’s, a computer magazine or anything geekish.

4. A beauty basket. Girls of all ages will love this basket. You can include things such as makeup, manicure products, nail polish, lotion, cute bars of soap. Use nice wooden or plastic crates as containers.  A beauty magazine would also be a nice addition to the basket.

5. A kiddie basket. For kids, you would have to get them something they can play with. Girls would appreciate a doll or stuff toy. Boys on the other hand may find a gaming magazine or action figures just what they need to forget about their sickness.

Unique Gift Baskets

Unique Gift Baskets For Everyone

Gift baskets are for Christmas and other ‘big’ holidays. Wrong! Many don’t realize just how versatile gift baskets can be. You can come up with unique gift baskets  ideas for all occasions. They don’t have to contain the usual food items and you can even come up with  unique gift baskets for men! Get well unique gift baskets To put together the best get well basket gifts, you could imagine yourself sick. What would you like to see in that basket? What things would you be craving for while lying in your bed? What would you like to keep you company as you recover?  The items you include in these unique gift baskets will surely depend on the recipient:

For kids:

  • Toys- kids are never too sick to play. A new toy would be just what they need to cheer them up.
  • Games- puzzles, board games and the like are another good idea for your get well baskets.
  • Treats- these can be chocolates, snacks, junk food or anything that kids love. Remember to make sure their parents are ok with you giving them such food.
  • Books- colorful books are a good idea to keep kids busy.

For Men:

  • Gadgets-all men love gadgets. You can get them a new stop watch, some computer accessories or something else that you know they love.
  • Magazines- find out their interest and get them a magazine on that. It can be about cars, gaming, computers, sports or something just for men.
  • Food- the reason is obvious.Baby shower Unique Gift Baskets
    If you can’t seem to find a way to get a gift for a baby shower, again unique gift baskets are the answer. You will have the chance to mix up all kinds of items that the new mother and baby will love. Here are some ideas:
  • Embroidered items (shirts, bibs, blankets)
  • Pillows
  • Toiletries like soaps, shampoo etc
  • Stuff toys

Useful items like baby bottles etcWhen making embroidered items with the baby’s name, make sure you get the spelling right! Also, if you know what theme the mother is planning, the go with this as well. So who said gift baskets were just for Christmas? With these unique gift baskets, you’ll have the perfect, customized gift to give away.


Gift Baskets For Woman

Gift Baskets for Women: Tips and Ideas

Being a guy doesn’t mean you have to be stupefied when it comes time to give your woman the gift she really likes. It’s just a matter of really knowing who she is, her likes, and doing a little homework and research every now and then.

Ever tried ideas on gift baskets for women? It is truly, madly, deeply one of the best gifts that can add that extra color and flavor to any relationship. Great gift basket ideas for women is not just limited to your girlfriend or wife. Don’t forget your mother, grandmother, daughter, sister, aunt, boss, officemate and the like.

Finding a theme for a woman isn’t really that hard. First off, you don’t literally need a wicker basket, though there are many choices for these types of baskets. There are even colored baskets being sold to suit colors for Valentine’s, a birthday celebration, or even for get-well wishing. You can search out decorative pottery and wooden boxes, colorful plastic or metal buckets, decorative tins or even storage containers and cute tool boxes.

Need a birthday gift? Is she into art crafts or sewing? Find a nice container or basket and fill it with her favorite crochet, knitting, sewing accessories, tools and perhaps a gift certificate from her crafting store. Throw in her favorite DVD movie genre and don’t forget some chocolates or her favorite tea or coffee.

If she’s into gardening, get a nice looking tool bag or bucket and put in garden gloves, garden stakes, cute and handy garden tools, and some flower seeds. You can even take the ideas a notch higher by buying everything in matching colors.
Need to think of a get-well wishing gift basket for her? Fruits and flowers in a nice wicker basket will do. The cuter and smaller the fruits and flowers, the better. Women really dig cute stuff.

How about pampering your partner with Spa Gift Baskets for women? No woman would ever refuse a luxurious spa basket. It’s not even expensive. Just put together stuff from the department store or spa shop like scented potpourri, incense, candles, bubble baths, body scrubs, loofahs, nail and body brushes, soaps, lotions, and bath salts.

Cookie Gift Baskets

Cookie Gift Baskets for Every Occasion

Remember when you were a kid and you always looked forward to dunking your hand into the cookie jar? Or when mom or dad would give you milk and a cookie in front of the TV? You can relive those cookie moments again in every which way by giving the gift of homemade cookie gift baskets. Imagine giving your parents, kids, grandparents, siblings, friends and even your boss or office mates cookie gift baskets for any holiday occasion, birthday, Easter, Christmas and the like.

Imagine freshly baked homemade cookies packed in special wooden boxes, metal buckets, reusable tins or wicker baskets, wrapped in cellophane complete with colorful bows and ribbons. These cookie gift baskets will make any recipient smile with delight. These unique gift baskets will make any receiver truly feel your personal touch and the love and pleasure derived from preparing and delivering the gift basket.

Choosing the best theme that suits the recipient is just half the fun. The other half of the fun is combining different cookies for more variety. Aside from the cookies, you can also throw in some chocolate or candy to spice up the basket. Whatever theme or combination you can concoct, the list goes on and on. You can even combine certain cookies with coffee beans, instant coffee, green tea or chocolate drinks mixes.

For gourmet lovers, you can even select fine cookies or oat cookies to complement fine wine and cheese. For the kids, what child can resist smiley faces on chocolate candy paired with jumbo-sized frosted cookies? Or whip up some novelty-shaped goodies like stars, teddy bears, zoo animals, or the letters of the child’s name.

For holiday occasions like Christmas and Easter, cookie gift baskets add flavor and color. A birthday, graduation, promotion, wedding, thank you, get well, Valentine’s, or taking out a girl on a first date; cookie gift baskets sends the message of great value on the relationship you have with your recipient.


Cheese Gift Baskets

Cheese Gift Baskets and Combinations

If ever you need to give a holiday or occasion gift (Valentine’s, birthday, promotion, etc.) and you find out that the recipient is a certified cheese connoisseur, tickle his or her fancy with homemade cheese gift baskets.
Your container can be anything from traditional wicker baskets to tin containers, storage bags, pottery, metal buckets and decorative wooden boxes. Just make sure the container can be reused because that’s part of the fun in receiving cheese gift baskets.
Pick A Gourmet Cheese Gift Baskets Theme
Does your recipient love only cheese? Perhaps they also like other things. Now do your homework and dig deeper into the recipient’s likes and other things.

  • Meat and Cheese Gift Baskets – choose a fine mix of French meat or cold cuts like pastrami or bologna and cheese. Use napkins or a nice apron as fillers.
  • Cheese Gift Baskets – the ultimate for cheese lovers. Put in different types of cheeses and some cheese cracker spreads just for fun. Then chuck in a cheese slicer, cheese plates, cheese knife and maybe if you can, a “cheese companion” booklet.
  • Wine and Cheese Gift Baskets – show off to your recipient that you know how much they love wine and cheese combined. Their favorite red or white wine complemented with their favorite cheese plus a couple of wine glasses, cork screw opener, cloth napkins, fruit, and you’re in business.
  • Sausage and Cheese Gift Baskets – a great idea for sausage lovers since these people usually dig cheese too. You can combine different sausages and cheese from different countries. Try combining German, Spanish and Polish sausages with French cheese. Put in a few cracker brands to complement both.

Search out items that are not so expensive to fill the basket. Additional fruit, sausage and cracker complements can also be additional fillers. For very special occasions like Valentine’s or your wife’s birthday, spice up the basket by using heart-shaped stuff or her favorite color for the basket and fillers.

Food Gift Baskets

How to come up with Unique Food Gift baskets

There’s one thing about food-you can’t go wrong with it. Whoever you want to give a gift to, whatever the occasion, and wherever you are-food gift baskets are the easiest and safest things to get. Still, you want to be unique when you put together your food gift baskets. Here are some easy steps to help you effortlessly get together that food basket and make that special someone happy.

1. Choose a basket or container to use. This will greatly depend on the occasion and recipient. If you intend to give  the food gift basket as a Christmas gift, then use appropriate containers. You can also use a large sauce pan or pot to make it more original. The theme of  your basket should start here.

2. Get together the food. Again, remember the person you are giving. There are different themes that you can base your choice of food.

 Healthy Food Gift Baskets

  • Almonds or other healthy nuts
  • Dried fruit
  • Soups
  • Salmon
  • Tea
  • Dark chocolate
  • Gourmet crackers
  • Gourmet cheddar cheese
  • Mixed healthy cookies

Organic Food Gift Baskets

  • Organic jam
  • Organic cookies
  • Assorted Fruits
  • Dried fruit
  • Organic chocolate bars
  • Coffee and tea
  • Nuts
  • Organic cheese

 Gourmet Food Gift Baskets

  • Coffee and chocolate
  • Tea and cookies
  • Junk food
  • Candies and sweat treats
  • Wine
  • Baked goods
  • Dried fruits and nuts
  • Bottled jams and pickles
  • Pasta
  • Champagne

 Assemble your food gift basket.

The idea here is to make it appear overflowing so make use of craft grass or colored paper to stuff at the bottom of your basket. Carefully place the food items in your basket and arrange them attractively. You can attach food items to each other using double sided tape to make sure it keeps its form and doesn’t shift out of place.

Now you can wrap your food gift basket. You can tie a nice ribbon around it and make a nice card and stick it on the side of your basket and viola! It’s ready to be delivered.

There are countless combinations that you can come up with when it comes to arranging and finding the right variety of food to put in your food gift basket.


Holiday Gift Baskets

Holiday is a special day for everyone. It’s a time to share and a time show our gratitude to everybody. We are thankful for having a good life in the whole year round. We have some ideas for holiday gift baskets for you to be guided and to lessen your stress during holiday season

.• Ideas and tips for the Holiday Gift Baskets

When getting ready for the holiday season, it is important that you manage your time well. Remember that a lot of people will also be busy looking for gifts for the season. . Make a list of the people you plan to give the holiday gift baskets to and note what would be suitable for them. Make your purchases in advance to avoid getting stuck in the holiday rush. This will also help save your time and effortKeep the kind of  holiday in mind when you decide what to include in your holiday gift baskets. Always make sure your gifts are appropriate for the occasion. Great Gifts for Holiday Baskets

Food is the most appropriate gift for the holiday basket.

Because it’s the only time we can share and eat on the table together with our  family or love ones. It’s time to mingle with friends and rekindle the moments together. Good food can create good mood and atmosphere. Here are some examples of what you can include in your food holiday basket.o Fruits o Chocolateo Baked goodieso MeatsYou can always think of creative ways to combine these different kinds of food and add a bottle of wine if you wish.

• Corporate gift baskets are for professionals like office holiday parties. For these occasions, getting something that will be useful is a good idea. There are many corporate gift ideas that you can use:

o Champagne and Truffles
o Chocolate and wine
o Sweat treat basket
o Junk food

• Wine is one of the must-haves when it comes to getting a good holiday gift basket together. No matter what else you plan to include in your basket, a bottle of wine or two puts the specialness in the occasion. The tricky part is choosing the best wine.
o Keep in mind who you intend to give the wine to. Find out subtlety if they prefer red or white wine.
o Choose a wine that will suite the rest of the basket and create that perfect combination of tastes.


Baby Shower Gift basket Ideas

There is no better way to welcome that bundle of joy into the world than by coming up with unique baby shower gift basket ideas. When it comes to baby shower gift basket ideas, you have two choices:

1. Something for baby

2. Something for mum

Or you could also decide to create a baby shower gift basket with both mum and baby in mind. Before you start thinking about what to put in your baby shower gift basket ideas, consider the following:

  • The sex of the baby
  • The theme of the shower
  • The mother’s preferences

These are three of the deciding factors when it comes to baby shower gift basket ideas.  Always keep in mind that the focus of the event here is the baby and mother so all your efforts and ideas should be customized to fit their needs.  There are some common baby shower gift basket ideas  that you can mix and match to find the best thing that works for you.

Inexpensive baby shower gift basket ideas

  • A photo album
  • A cute blanket
  • A picture frame
  • A bib
  • A stuffed toy


New parents to be  baby shower gift basket ideas

  • Gift certificate to a couple spa
  • Reservations for two in their favorite restaurant
  • Tickets to a game or movie
  • Candlelight dinner with champagne or wine
  • Couple t-shirts with cute ‘new parent’ slogans


Mothers homecoming baby shower gift basket ideas

  • Sanitary napkins
  • Nursing bras, pads etc
  • Camera
  • Books, magazines, etc
  • Maternity dress, underwear
  • Bathrobe
  • Parenting book

Just for baby shower gift basket ideas

  • Baby’s clothing (bibs, tops, booties etc)
  • Diapers
  • Blankets
  • Lullaby DVD
  • Towels
  • Bottles
  • Cotton, other cleaning material
  • Bath time baby shower gift basket ideas 

  • Baby shampoo
  • Baby soap
  • Sponges, towels
  • Baby powder
  • Baby lotion
  • Towel

When putting together your baby shower gift basket ideas, keep in mind too if there is a sibling involved. The arrival of a new member of the family can be very emotional and traumatic for the older sibling so make sure you keep them in mind. Here are some ideas to include in your basket to make sure they don’t feel left out.

  • T-shirt with a ‘I have a baby brother’ slogan on them
  • Coloring books, crayons, etc
  • Toys
  • Books, magazines etc

There are many ways to keep the entire family involved in the arrival of the new baby. Keeping in mind each member will make the occasion extra special as well. Remember also the new father when concocting unique baby shower gift basket ideas. Some cool stuff you can get him are:

  • A book on fatherhood
  • Magazines, reading material he likes
  • T-shirt with a cute father slogan
  • Gadgets

You then can finish off by decorating your basket to match whatever theme you have going. The idea here is to make the basket appear overflowing so you can stuff some crepe paper at the bottom to create more volume in your basket. Ribbons are also a great idea to complete the appearance of your gift basket. Along with these baby shower gift basket ideas, also remember to get a card with a nicely written message to express your sentiments.

Mothers Day Gift Basket Ideas

On Mother’s Day (a special Year of the Dragon celebration on May 13), we all honor the only woman we could never stop loving and remembering: Our Mother. Special mother’s day gift basket ideas will always be given with love, given its unique position compared to other traditional mother’s day gifts. These mother’s day gift basket ideas is your own and perfect way of telling your mom she will always be number one in your life and you will never forget all that she has done to raise you well.

Even homemade mother’s day gift basket ideas sent by courier will always bring a tear to a mother’s eyes, knowing that she is remembered by her children far away.

If you know your mother that well then you can easily select from a wide range of prepared or pre-packed mother’s day gift basket ideas from any store or even online. However, if you know your mother even better than that, then homemade mother’s day gift basket ideas are even better since you assembled the gift basket yourself.


If you can deliver the basket yourself, gourmet food mother’s day gift basket ideas are always great mother’s day gifts. Fill a large wicker basket (mothers always love wicker baskets) with artisan meats and cheeses, nuts and dried fruits as well as sweet treats like high quality chocolates from dark to white designed to bring a big smile on your mother’s lips. Mother’s day gift basket ideas can also be filled with warming beverages that will warm mom’s heart. Coffee and tea filled gift baskets are always among the best mother’s day gift basket ideas and she will think of you every time she takes a delicious and warming sip from a special personalized “mother’s mug” or teacup.
Don’t forget the other women in your life because mother’s day is also about your grandmother, aunt, mother-in-law and, for heaven’s sake, don’t ever forget the wife unless you want to be nagged all night for forgetting her!

A favorite mother’s day gift basket ideas theme over the years has been the “Breakfast in Bed” theme. If you make homemade food then you can also include these. Assemble a wicker basket full of coffee or tea, fresh pastries or muffins, jams (or homemade jams), chocolates, flowers and her favorite magazine. For alternate mother’s day gift basket ideas, you can have an afternoon tea gift basket complete with her favorite tea, homemade biscuits or her favorite cookies, scones, jam and why not throw in a DVD of her favorite movie genre or Hollywood actor.


If your mom is into fruits, put together a fruit gift basket. It makes a traditional but, colorful and healthy mother’s day gift basket ideas, with apples, oranges, bananas and some exotic Asian fruits thrown in. Spice it up with a little cheese, crackers and spiced sausage.
For mother’s day gift basket ideas that are a little different, why not go for a bath and body spa gift basket. Pamper your mother with a basket that includes a potpourri of scents, candles, bath mitts, bath gels, bath salts, body lotions and other bath and beauty products.

Assembling and making your own personalized mother’s day gift basket ideas is always half the fun. The choices and array of variations is so great that you can be as creative as your senses will allow you. You can give a special stationery basket complete with her favorite book author, a personalized notebook or journal, stationery, and good quality pens. You can put together mother’s day gift basket ideas for “green thumb” mothers that includes seeds, a kneeling board, garden gloves, trowels and spades.