Cheese Gift Baskets

Cheese Gift Baskets and Combinations

If ever you need to give a holiday or occasion gift (Valentine’s, birthday, promotion, etc.) and you find out that the recipient is a certified cheese connoisseur, tickle his or her fancy with homemade cheese gift baskets.
Your container can be anything from traditional wicker baskets to tin containers, storage bags, pottery, metal buckets and decorative wooden boxes. Just make sure the container can be reused because that’s part of the fun in receiving cheese gift baskets.
Pick A Gourmet Cheese Gift Baskets Theme
Does your recipient love only cheese? Perhaps they also like other things. Now do your homework and dig deeper into the recipient’s likes and other things.

  • Meat and Cheese Gift Baskets – choose a fine mix of French meat or cold cuts like pastrami or bologna and cheese. Use napkins or a nice apron as fillers.
  • Cheese Gift Baskets – the ultimate for cheese lovers. Put in different types of cheeses and some cheese cracker spreads just for fun. Then chuck in a cheese slicer, cheese plates, cheese knife and maybe if you can, a “cheese companion” booklet.
  • Wine and Cheese Gift Baskets – show off to your recipient that you know how much they love wine and cheese combined. Their favorite red or white wine complemented with their favorite cheese plus a couple of wine glasses, cork screw opener, cloth napkins, fruit, and you’re in business.
  • Sausage and Cheese Gift Baskets – a great idea for sausage lovers since these people usually dig cheese too. You can combine different sausages and cheese from different countries. Try combining German, Spanish and Polish sausages with French cheese. Put in a few cracker brands to complement both.

Search out items that are not so expensive to fill the basket. Additional fruit, sausage and cracker complements can also be additional fillers. For very special occasions like Valentine’s or your wife’s birthday, spice up the basket by using heart-shaped stuff or her favorite color for the basket and fillers.