Chocolate Gift Baskets

Chocolate gift baskets for all occasions

Everybody loves Chocolate! Chocolate is a perfect gift for all occasions because of its different varieties. There is no end to the combinations of the various kinds of chocolate that you can come up with to complete that chocolate gift basket.

We have different varieties of chocolates:

• unsweetened chocolate
• dark chocolate
• bittersweet chocolate
• semi sweet chocolate
• sweet dark chocolate
• milk chocolate
• white chocolate
• candy coating chocolate

These varieties of chocolates makes your occasion a memorable one.

• Gourmet of chocolates is a mixture of different chocolates with different forms like cookies, brownies, and truffles. These are perfect for couple, group dates and honeymoon and anniversary dates. Nothing compares to sharing the sweetness of chocolate with the one you love. To keep the chocolate gift basket personalized, make it a point to include the favorite chocolates of the couple to include in the gourmet.

• Wine and Chocolate has a good combination of after taste. They are a good thing to take along to  family gatherings or outings. But the tricky part you have to choose the sweet wine that will  complement the sweetness or bitterness of the chocolate. The warmness of the wine and sweetness of the chocolate tingle your senses.

• Candy coated with chocolate can be good chocolate gift baskets for  kids birthday parties or pajama party. They will enjoy the sweetness of the candy and the chocolate. The playful combination of the candy and the chocolate will maintain the warmth and enjoyment of the crowd. Kids will love this double treat.

• Dark chocolate would be ideal for chocolate gift baskets intended for weddings and anniversaries..  Dark chocolate  has good health benefits like lowering  blood pressure and also has antioxidants to cure other ailments. If you plan to include dark chocolate in your gift basket for the couple, make sure that they are accustomed to the taste as not everybody likes the bitter sweet combination of dark chocolate.

• Fruit with chocolate is perfect for all occasions and is a healthy desert for everyone. You can choose your favorite fruit like strawberry or cherry and dip it on the chocolate fountain. There are also other alternative you can use wafer biscuits, cookies and marshmallows. Make sure that the kids would enjoy and love the idea of dipping the food on the chocolate fountain. To make a fruit and chocolate gift basket,  be creative in the variety of fruits you include.