Christmas Gift Baskets

Celebrate The Holiday Season With Christmas Gift Baskets

There are endless possibilities when it comes to Christmas gift baskets. The imagination holds no bounds in thinking up ideas for holiday gift baskets. Just thinking up of ideas for Christmas gift baskets themes or homemade assemblies is already half the fun. The beauty of Christmas gift baskets is that they can be personalized for a specific person’s likes, hobby, occupation, or simply their personality. It’s something entirely different from traditional-wrapped gifts and the receiver will fully appreciate the personal touch it brings.

Traditional Homemade Gift Basket
Homemade Christmas gift baskets can still be traditional if you’re giving them to a family or if you just want to stick to the basics. Some ideas for this homemade basket idea can be:

  • Homemade candies or cookies in decorated bags or containers
  • Crackers or biscuits
  • Bottle of table or red wine or cider
  • Holiday ornament or two
  • Cheese or sandwich spreads
  • Commercial or homemade chutney
  • Jams or fruit butters
  • A few gift certificate cards the receiver can use
  • A few candy canes for decorative purposes

Corporate Christmas Baskets
Homemade corporate baskets can either be given to executives / officemates or to corporate clients (you’re better off giving your boss a personal homemade basket). The combinations and ideas you can come up with are endless from classic “sweets” basket, picnic beer-BQ bucket, snack basket, “Italian” basket, red or white wine basket, “purely chocolate” basket, or premium champagne and truffles basket. Note: when giving a “country” basket (Italian, Russian, etc.) make sure the receiver really comes from that country. Also, when giving liquor baskets, make sure the receiver drinks liquor.

Food Christmas Baskets
This is the perfect homemade basket for food lovers and connoisseurs. Ideas for holiday gift baskets like these are infinite. Some ideas can be:

  • A rare exotic or South Asian cookbook or specialty cookbook
  • Combination of mini-muffin pans or melting pans, tart tools and assorted spatulas
  • Cocoa or other exotic nuts
  • Homemade mitts and towels (or have customized ones made)
  • Decorated trivets
  • Rolled placemats or napkins
  • Napkin holders
  • Gourmet candy apples
  • Chocolate mix in customized mugs
  • Candy coated pretzels