Fruit Gift Basket

How to Make and Put Together a Fruit Gift Basket

A fruit gift basket makes the best thoughtful gift for get-well situations as well as going-away presents, congratulatory gifts, teacher’s and boss’ birthday and others. Fruit baskets are easy to put together and are not very expensive.

  1. Buy an assortment of colorful fruit and make sure they are free of blemishes and bruises. Mix up traditional fruit like apples and oranges with exotic ones like mango, pineapple and bananas.
  2. Fill a wicker basket (still the best for fruits) or other sturdy plastic, wooden, metal, or pottery container with colored shredded paper. Make sure the container is sturdy as fruit can be heavy. Your colored paper can be the favorite color of your recipient. Research on this. Place the bigger pieces at the bottom or at the sides then arrange the rest on top or around them.
  3.  Seal the whole basket with heat-sealable plastic gift wrapping that is approved to be used for edible products. Buy a color that matches the shredded paper or is your recipient’s favorite color.
  4. Decorate your fruit gift basket with bows, flowers, ribbons and a card to round off the basket’s exquisite (and deliciously inviting) appearance.
  5. To create a more elegant fruit gift basket, try to find out what other likes your recipient has. You might want to throw in his or her favorite chocolate, organic food, cheese or even flowers. Mix up your fresh fruit with some dried fruit or perhaps some fruit jam. Fruits and nut combinations have been a favorite for a long time.
  6. Your fruit gift basket will be better appreciated if it is delivered personally by you. Watching the recipient’s face light up upon seeing the basket’s contents is well worth the effort.