Gift Baskets for Men

Ideas For a Unique Gift Basket for Men

If you think it’s silly to give a gift basket to men, think again. Corporate gift baskets are always given to executives or clients that contain anything from beer, gourmet food and chocolate. Gift basket for men can be given on any occasion such as for Valentine, birthday, and as get well baskets.

Gift basket for men ideas start by knowing what the occasion is and who the recipient is. Once you know all the basic information, it’s not hard to find a basket or container. Gift basket for men don’t have to be overly fancy so brightly colored themes can be dispensed with. One useful thing to consider is that some men appreciate a basket or container that they can use again after.

For great basket ideas, here’s a great one for Valentine, a birthday or even a get well basket. Try to find out about the recipient’s favorite music, film genre or films, book authors and the like. Now, put together these ideas for the basket:

  • A book or two (or something he likes to read like a certain magazine)
  • Personalized coffee mug (much better if it’s printed with his picture or a photo of you both)
  • His favorite coffee beans or instant coffee
  • CD of his favorite music
  • Bottle of his favorite wine or whiskey
  • DVD of his favorite movie or movie genre
  • Tickets to his favorite song artist or rock band

Original ideas that have come out for gift basket for men includes the unique beer bucket gift basket for men. This another great gift for Valentine or a birthday. Combinations can be a single brand of 6 beers in a metal bucket. Another of the ideas is a nutcracker gift basket for men that may contain 6 beers and assorted nuts and peanuts that complement the beer. Or you can assemble the “around the world” beer bucket. Buy 12 beers from different countries and put them together in a bucket. Throw in a packet or two of oriental nuts or peanuts to complement the beer.