Homemade Gift Basket Ideas

Gift baskets are growing in popularity because they can be put together within a limited budget and at the same time have a very personalized touch to the receiver from the giver. With creativity and a little planning, you can assemble terrific homemade gift basket ideas for anyone for any occasion.

Because homemade gift basket ideas can be specially customized for any holiday, event and for the person receiving the basket, the love, creativity and extra effort you put into the gift will clearly show. Personalized homemade gift basket ideas sends a clear message of how important the person is to you.


Before coming up with homemade gift basket ideas, make sure you have clear answers for the following:.

1. Who is the recipient? (Male, female, sister, wife, boyfriend, boss, grandson, etc.?)
2. Is there anything specific that identifies this person? (Your brother might love playing ice hockey, your girlfriend loves to drink coffee, your boss likes reading spy novels, etc.)
3. What is the occasion or event?
4. What’s your budget?

When you have answered all of the above and can now picture out your homemade gift basket ideas, center first on the theme. It is either occasion or event centered (mother’s day, promotion, etc.) or person centered (he’s Japanese, he loves baseball, she loves cookbooks, etc.). Pick a basket or container that is appropriate to your homemade gift basket ideas theme. Galvanized buckets or pails, tin boxes, large mixing bowls, wicker baskets, wooden decorative crates, clay flower pots, popcorn containers, toy miniature wagons, and decorative jars are just a few of the wide array of homemade gift basket ideas containers you can choose from.

Choose fillers and ribbon bows that go well with your homemade gift basket ideas. Colored paper or crepe paper still make good fillers at the bottom and sides of the container. You can find unique fillers to fit your theme like table napkins and cloth placemats for wine and cheese baskets. Ribbon bow colors should also suit the theme. Red is a safe color that goes with any occasion or theme. Try other colors. If you are having a New York Yankees theme, try black and white ribbon bows.
Here are a few homemade gift basket ideas we suggest you can try out or you can adjust them to suit your specific homemade gift basket ideas:

1. Homemade food in decorative jars. If you’re the type who makes homemade food like preserved food, jams, cookies, pastries, etc. then these simple homemade gift basket ideas is just right. All you need are a couple of large decorative food jars and wrap them together with cellophane and decorated with ribbons and bows. Instead of food, you can place colorful soup beans arranged in layers and colors. Add in an instruction label and some flavor cubes.

2. Homemade gift basket ideas for sports buffs. Is the receiver a sports guy? Get a canvas tote bag and fill it with cans of beer or alternate with canned energy drinks. His favorite snacks when watching sports TV goes well with his favorite sports magazine. Then throw in some sun block, cap, wristband, and other small accessories of the sport he plays.

3. Margarita gift basket. Great homemade gift basket ideas for the ladies, or even the men, especially during birthdays or events like promotions or graduation. Fill a decorative crate with a Margarita mix, decorative margarita salt, rimmer, lime juice, bottle of tequila, cocktail pics, tortilla chips, salsa, spicy or any dip mixes, and spicy nuts.

4. Coffee homemade gift basket ideas. Fill a small wooden crate with espresso coffee, demi spoons, espresso cups and saucers, small containers with sugar, shortbread cookies, anisette and anisette cookies.

5. Stationery gift baskets. Great homemade gift basket ideas for females or teenagers. Use a tote bag with handles and put in note paper with matching envelopes, personalized return address labels, pens, stamps, stickers, address book, daily planner, herbal teas, small jar of honey, and refrigerator magnets.

6. College or Graduation baskets. Is your kid off to college or graduating? Get a plastic container that can be useful in a dorm room. Pick homemade gift basket ideas that normal college students or fresh graduates out job hunting can use every day. Soup mixes, cereals, instant coffee or chocolate mix, granola bars, alarm clock, note pads, pre-paid calling cards, key chain, school banner, mug, school cap, and gift certificates from a local grocery store, pizzeria or movie theater.