Themed Gift Basket

Top 5 Get Well Gift Basket Ideas

Getting sick is not a fun experience-we all know that. The most  that friends and family can do is just cheer you up. Get well gift basket ideas are the perfect way to show that you care and want them to get well soon.  The thing about giving someone ill a gift basket is you could easily go wrong and end up giving them a basket of ‘suffering’.

Here are 5 tips to keep your gift basket a gift.

1. Fruits and other healthy food. These are among the safest things to include in your get well gift basket   and will be much appreciated. You also won’t be worried about giving them something that the doctor has prohibited.

2. Book gift basket. Being sick in bed gives a lot of time for reading so if you have someone who is an avid reader, getting them a book basket is a great idea. You can select a blank book, journal, gift certificate to their favorite store. For your containers, mugs, baskets or wooden crates would do. This is a good idea for men, for kids and basically anyone who loves to read.

3. Computer lover basket. Gadgets are another thing that will help keep the patient company while they recover. These are one of the best get well gift basket ideas for men. Some things that you can get include a mouse pad, blank CD’s, a computer magazine or anything geekish.

4. A beauty basket. Girls of all ages will love this basket. You can include things such as makeup, manicure products, nail polish, lotion, cute bars of soap. Use nice wooden or plastic crates as containers.  A beauty magazine would also be a nice addition to the basket.

5. A kiddie basket. For kids, you would have to get them something they can play with. Girls would appreciate a doll or stuff toy. Boys on the other hand may find a gaming magazine or action figures just what they need to forget about their sickness.