Valentines Day Gift Baskets

Valentine’s Day Gift Baskets for Him, For Men, For Kids

“The Christmas holidays are finally over and… what’s that…? Valentine’s is coming? Oh, my, what do I give to my hubby?” Sounds familiar? After racking your brains for that perfect Christmas gift, now here comes Valentine’s. Now, why not do something really different and give homemade Valentine’s Day gift baskets. It is a simple but, very loving way to show the recipient just how much you value your relationship with them.

Valentine’s Day Gift Baskets for Him and for Men
Find a theme that really defines your man or any male recipient. Once you find a central theme, the combinations to whatever you want for him are infinite. Is he fond of fishing? Use a wicker fishing creel as a gift basket. Throw in 3 bottles or a six-pack of his favorite beer or a nice red wine, some nuts and crackers as complements, some chocolates, cookies and your Valentine’s card, and you’re in business! Put a big bow and ribbon outside to highlight the gift.
For men, breakfast is their usual favorite meal. Put together a gift basket for breakfast in bed. Find a really nice tin container or bucket he can use afterwards at his work desk and find combinations to fill it like his favorite instant coffee, a personalized mug printed with a photo of you both, oats, chocolates, etc.
Contrary to popular belief, most men are romantic so don’t be afraid to show your romantic side and remember that it’s Valentine’s so the chocolates must be there. However, don’t use brightly colored baskets or containers for him or he might not reuse it.

Valentine’s Day Gift Baskets for Kids
Aside from the adults, Valentine’s is for kids, too. Teach Valentine’s early to your kids by giving them Valentine’s Day gift baskets filled with their favorite teddy bear, stuffed animal, heart-shaped chocolates, and their favorite candies. If your kids are into sports, throw in a sport accessory or two or their favorite sport energy drink.