Wine Gift Baskets

How To Make a Homemade Wine Gift Basket

Wine gift basket ideas make great gifts for a wide array of occasions. Just be careful that the recipient can drink liquor or wine. Occasions (or non-occasions) can range from birthdays, a new job, retirement, thanksgiving, break-up with a boyfriend and the like. A homemade wine gift basket adds a more personal touch because you assembled the basket yourself.

Wine Gift Basket Ideas

The most important thing is to find out if the recipient likes any particular type of red / white wine. Do they have personal favorites? Do they have a regional preference? Are they interested in trying out new assortments? Do your homework or else the recipient might not appreciate your red / white wine.

Choose a specific theme for the wine gift basket. Again, do your homework. If it’s a style theme, what hobbies or likes do the recipients have? What’s their main occupation? Do they like a particular region or from what country do they come from?
Add a few accessory ideas that also complement the wines or the recipient. Don’t just buy ordinary items from department or home retail stores. Stemware may be nice but, search out other items like customized bottle openers or corkscrews and coasters. Napkins can make great fillers instead of traditional tissue paper or straw.

Food items can be added that complement red / white wines. Don’t just combine wine and cheese. There are other variations like truffles, crackers, or dark chocolate.

Ideas for containers are again endless. The traditional wicker basket can be substituted with wood boxes, metal baskets or even decorated buckets.

When putting together the wine gift basket, start with the fillers, followed by the wine. Accessories are arranged last from largest to smallest. Don’t put chocolate at the bottom.

Cellophane wrapping allows the recipient to see what’s in the gift basket. Complete everything with a big ribbon matching the color or theme of the basket. The final touch is the small card note with the recipient’s name and from whom it came from.
As an added personal touch, delivery should be done by hand and by you personally. A personal delivery sends a message that the recipient is very important, rather than relying on courier delivery.